Windshield Replacement $50 CASH BACK Offer

Windshield Replacement No Fault Insurance Claim $50 Incentive

Auto windshield replacement in Mesa offers $50 Cash (at time of service) with any $0 deductible windshield replacement insurance claim. No worries. There will never be any additional out-of-pocket costs for you or your insurance carrier. Visit our windshield insurance claim page for more information about insurance claims. Or get a list of the common questions that your insurance company will ask when opening a Mesa auto windshield replacement insurance claim.

When a windshield must be replaced, most insurance companies offer a $0 deductible glass replacement auto insurance endorsement. In order to qualify for the no deductible auto windshield replacement, the policyholder must possess a comprehensive insurance policy that contains this endorsement. So long as your policy contains this coverage we will give you $50 Cash and we will honor all insurance contract pricing to prevent any additional expenses for  you.

There are laws in Arizona that allow insurance policyholders to choose where they have their windshield replaced. Many insurance companies will try to suggest an auto windshield replacement shop, but these are entirely suggestions as per the state law. As an added note, insurance companies and agents are legally bound to inform clients of their right to choose their own shop to do the work.

Mesa, Arizona also requires insurance companies to offer complete auto windshield replacement coverage on comprehensive insurance policies. Mostly, the coverage for this kind of insurance is just a couple of extra dollars a month. If you’re not sure of your insurance coverage; call us direct and one of our friendly insurance claim representatives will be happy to assist. Claim processing takes under 15 minutes.