Get Great Car Deals through Japanese Car Auctions

Having a car is both an advantage and a great convenience on your part. The cost of getting a brand new car is sadly, quite prohibitive. If you want to save on your auto purchase, you may want to consider buying old or used ones from car auctions. Typically, cars sold in auctions are less expensive because they are repossessed, salvaged, off-lease or traded in by their previous owners.

The Internet has made buying and bidding for cars in other countries possible. These offshore auctions are particularly enticing because you can get imported vehicles that are priced much lower than those sold within the country. Even Japan that is known to extensively export used vehicles have already used online auction platforms.

Car Auctions in Japan


To participate in car auctions in Japan, you need to be a holder of auction membership.

However, the laws in place in Japan only provides membership to dealerships, hence, private individuals cannot participate in the bidding process directly. In that regard, you can tap these companies to bid in Japanese car auctions on your behalf. These dealerships have also put up their own websites to cater to potential buyers from all over the world. Typically, you need to sign up for their services to browse through their online catalogue. The inspector’s report and the sellers comment, as well as other details of every car on car auction Japan is made available for viewing on the web.

As with any auction, you need to bid against hundreds of individuals or companies that are also interested in the same item. Accordingly, the item is awarded to whoever bids the highest. Because you are not physically present on these auctions, proxy bids are used. Proxy betting allows the dealership to bid for you automatically below or at the maximum amount you have specified.

If you win the bid on Japanese car auctions, payment to the seller is typically done through wire transfers. Just like other online products which require shipping, the seller of the vehicle you won at auction will factor in car cost, insurance, and freight (CIF) or car cost and freight only (CFR) in their payment request. Upon receipt and confirmation of your payment, the reseller will transport your vehicle to the port and arrange for its shipment. They will also send you pertinent documents including deregistration certificate through express mail.

While you do get great deals from car auctions in Japan, you still have to be discretionary. While you can’t see the item in person, you can always ascertain if it’s a good deal by reviewing the car’s inspector reports.

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