How Used Car Owners Can Use Whisky Fuel To Make More Savings

A common reason why people choose used cars is that they are looking for a good deal. Choosing a second hand vehicle means that you might not only save a bit of money, but you may also get your hands on your dream car. And if saving money is something that you are quite savvy about then you might be happy to hear that you could save a lot of money on fuel in the future if plans to use whisky come into effect.


This new fuel made of whisky is being investigated by the University of Edinburgh. However we won’t be using our favourite tipple to fill up our cars because the fluid that we will be using will instead be what’s left once we have finished the distilling process. We actually just waste this fluid at the moment but if we could find a use for it, it would be really great. So it is the left over fluid from the whisky that will be used and you won’t need to head to your local pub every time you need to fuel your car. This is certain to be something that will not only reduce our dependence on oil but will lower prices too.


But no matter how great this idea sounds, there probably will never be a day when our cars are entirely fuelled on whisky slops. The amount of whisky that is produced all over the world would not even tip the iceberg of the amount of oil it would be replacing. But hopefully if even some of us can begin using another type of fuel for our cars, the price of oil will drop too because there will be less demand for it. We will have a cheaper way to fill up the tank of those used cars that we bought at such a reasonable price.


When you think it’s time to look out for used cars, it’s always best to carry out a proper research ahead of time. Researching allows you to find the very best used cars for the category you are looking for. When your research is done, you could very well end up with a great used toyota or even a used tvr.

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