Looking For A WAV? Don’t Overlook These Incredible Vehicles

As companies worldwide get better at converting vehicles into WAV’s, disabled drivers are now finding themselves with an incredible amount of choice when it comes to their disabled vehicle. The cars, vans and other vehicles being converted in WAV’s are beginning to get far more practical and usable during everyday life, meaning we’re now seeing some extremely well recieved WAV’s.


The vehicles have also become much more affordable, particularly with the motability scheme in the United Kingdom, which has given a helping hand to hundreds of thousands of disabled drivers who otherwise may not have been able to get the vehicle they needed.


So, to help you make up your mind on a WAV, here are three of the best disabled vehicles available to buy or rent:


Easily one of the highest-quality conversions you’ll come across, the Nissan NV200 played a pivotol role in the car company winning ‘motability supplier of the year’ this year. The NV200 was first converted by a British company called Constables, and is now one of the most popular WAV’s around. It’s comfy, very spacious and with enough space for 6 additional passengers, it’s perfect for a family car. The Nissan also features low CO2 emissions and excellent fuel efficiency, meaning it’s inexpensive to drive and has a very low carbon footprint.


The Renault Kangoo is an extremely popular model for WAV conversions as ideal for those wanting a rear access disabled vehicle. With enoug room to seat the wheelchair user and four additional people, the Kangoo is ideal as a family car and is extremely economical to run, not to mention being safe, comfortable and extremely reliable.


The last car on the list is the Peugout Expert Tepee, which is incredibly spacious and can be bought with either a short or long wheelbase, depending on your needs. The Tepee is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something that can potentially handle lots of different types of equipment, due to the space and versatility afforded by the vehicle. If you’re looking for a WAV that’s economic but extremely versatile and flexible, then the Tepee should be top of your list of cars to look at.

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