Sun and Bug Screens & Doors

Window Screen ReplacementMesa Replacement Windows can replace or repair your sun screens or bug screens. In addition, we can measure and install new screens if you don’t currently have them. Sunscreens can greatly reduce your homes energy costs and keep your home furnishing from fading. We offer free in-home or business price quotes and offer a variety of frame and screen colors to match your homes color scheme.

The main objective behind window screens is to filter the air that can enter a room. They also help to keep out bugs and mosquitoes and other insects. In certain areas that have a lot of birds, they can also help to keep out the birds that do try to get into a home for nesting purposes. Window screens can get dirty after a time and do need to be cleaned periodically so that they fulfill the function of filtering air. Periodical cleaning does place some stress on the screen material, and it can become loose or get torn. Screen material also becomes brittle with constant exposure to sun, rain and wind. That is the time when you have to consider window screen replacement so that your windows remain completely usable.


Cleaning Window Screens

Window screens are normally installed in tracks, in which they can move to completely clear the opening. These tracks can also get clogged with dirt and prevent easy movement. Window screens can be lifted out of the tracks for easy cleaning. The screens can then be dipped into a large tub of water and allowed to soak. After this, the screen can be cleaned with a brush to remove all the dust accumulated. Where screens are difficult to remove or are fixed, the cleaning can be done with a drop cloth, vacuum cleaner, or brush. Toothpicks can be used to knock off dirt that continues to cling on to the mesh. Clean the frame and the tracks as well before fixing screens back again. Lubricate the tracks if necessary.


Window Screen Replacement is Better in Cases of Damaged Screens

Damaged screens are better replaced, as any holes or loose mesh can look ugly and also permit insects to come in through them. When you look at window screen replacement, you need to decide on the type of screen that you want your replacements to have. You can use aluminum mesh or fiberglass mesh for the replacement screens. Aluminum is the sturdier material, will not rust and takes longer to wear out. It does however bend easily and remains deformed. Fiberglass may not last as long as aluminum but is more resistant to simple bumps. However, anything sharp touching the screen can lead to its tearing. Fiberglass is also cheaper than aluminum. There are certain types of fiberglass screens that are more resistant and recommended in homes with children and pets.
It is also necessary to consider solar screen that will prevent 80 percent of sunlight for windows that face the sun. The closeness of the mesh becomes important in areas that are prone to invasions by very small insects. Screens with a denser mesh may require more constant cleaning.
When screens need to be replaced, they can be fitted on the same frames as earlier, as most frames have fittings that can be easily removed to release the old screen. If such frames show signs of wear and tear, it makes sense to ask for their replacement at the same time. The screen replacement must be done in such a way that the replaced screen has the right amount of tautness.