Windshield Replacement FAQ’s

Car Windshield Replacement InstallationWhen I receive a free quote from windshield replacement Mesa, what exactly does that consist of? The quote covers all the essentials including installation, labor cost, and lifetime warranty. Plus, customers are entitled to free windshield chip repairs and service within the valley for free.


Which factors determine the cost of Mesa windshield replacement? When you ask us for a quote, we need to consider the car’s age, make, and model. Special features are also factored in, like rain sensors, shade bands, colors, and so on.


With prices so cheap compared to other Mesa windshield replacement shops, will you be sacrificing quality in the process? Not at all. We are proud to say that all the parts we use are brand new and of high quality, passing and surpassing federal standards. Our competitive pricing is something that we always try to maintain.


I have a crack in my windshield, will it fall out? Absolutely not. Automobile windshields are manufactured with two pieces of glass and with an inner plastic layer called laminated. Typically, when a windshield gets cracked by a rock from the road, the outside layer is the only piece that gets damaged. Therefore, you are still protected by the inner vinyl layer which is the strength of your windshield and the inner glass layer. That is why windshields are considered to be safety glass and all cars windshields are laminated for your safety.


How much do you charge for windshield replacement in Mesa, Arizona? Nothing. Within the valley, we can come to your house or business for free to install your car windshield replacement. Customers within Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Surprise, Glendale, Chandler, Tempe and Peoria are also included.


Will the windshield replacement Mesa installation take long? No. On average, an hour is all it takes to replace a broken windshield, but there are instances when this is not enough, as in the case of certain car models.


Do I need to be there while you fix my windshield? No. While it is preferable that you supervise the process, it is possible for us to go ahead with the Mesa windshield replacement without your presence. In order to do this, you must grant us authorization, either verbal or written down. We will need to access the car’s interior to finish the job so it must be unlocked. It will be locked after completion with the keys safely returned.


During which times are you available to fix my windshield in Mesa? Our services are available during weekdays starting at 8am up to 5pm. During weekends, we’re open every Saturday starting at 8am up to 12pm.


How quickly can you pencil in my Mesa windshield appointment? Generally, appointments can be made in a span of 24 hours. If our load permits, we can attend to your car within the same day.


How long will it take Mesa Windshield Replacement to get to where I am? We are committed to providing fast service to our clients and make every effort to make this happen. To make room for unforeseen delays, arrival times are given in 2-hour spans – for example, 8-10am or 3-5pm. We may provide special requests made ahead of time.


When the windshield installer is about to come to my home, will I be notified? Yes. Our windshield installers will phone you no later than fifteen minutes before he arrives. In case he will be late for the appointment, he will inform you as well.


Can I drive my car right away after the windshield replacement installation is finished? This is NOT recommended. Wait for at least one hour to ensure your safety as the adhesives need time to cure. We use nothing but the best urethane adhesives that dry extremely fast for your convenience.


Mesa Windshield Replacement Safety: There is nothing more vital to automotive windshield replacement installation than the type of adhesive used. No matter which windshield repair shop you choose to deal with, always ask about the type of windshield adhesive that they favor. For your safety and convenience, it has to be a specialized product for replacing automotive glass known for top notch quality and rapid drying time. Check the recommendations from the manufacturer regarding the length of time needed to wait before you can safely drive your car. We have seen windshields put in by silicone and liquid nails.


What other post car windshield replacement installation precautions should I be aware of? After a windshield replacement installation, avoid washing your car using a high pressure for at least 24 hours. Maintain a half inch gap on windows to avert the build-up of air pressure. Drive carefully and do not slam the car doors hard for full day, after which you may take off any remaining tape.


Can the weather delay my Mesa windshield replacement service appointment? If it is raining in your area and the car cannot be safely repaired under cover, the schedule may be moved to another time or day.


An accident has left my windshield broken with shards scattered inside my car. Are these going to get cleaned? Yes, the shards are going to be vacuumed off of the car’s interior by the trained technician as part of the service and also to ensure your family safety. However, sometime glass get imbedded into the carpet so it is always a good idea to take it to a car wash that has a high pressure vacuum for your safety.


Is covered parking a requirement for automobile windshield mobile appointments? No. We can repair your windshield with or without cover, though being able to work in the shade is greatly preferred.


Are my windshield stickers recoverable? It’s possible. The technician will take off the stickers with great care so that they can be reused. Some are easy to detach but others can be difficult, like military stickers that are designed to get torn if removed as a safety feature. For these, you will have to apply for a new sticker.


I’m concerned about my windshields rear-view mirror. Will you put it back to the way it was? Yes. Typically, new windshields come with mirror brackets already on them so it’s just a matter of reattaching the rear view mirror to the new bracket.


Do you have competent and trained windshield technicians? Yes, without a doubt. Our Mesa windshield replacement technicians have all received comprehensive training on automotive glass installation and have at least five years of experience under their belts.


Are your car windshield installations covered by a warranty? Yes. Our Mesa windshield replacement installations are guaranteed to be free from manufacturer’s defects, errors in workmanship, and leakage throughout your ownership or lease of the car.


If I encounter problems with the Mesa windshield replacement while in another state, will my warranty still apply? Yes. Your warranty has nationwide coverage. Wherever you are, simply call our office and we will take care of your issue by finding a competent company in the area that can adequately address your concerns. All of the bills incurred will be shouldered by us so you need not worry about additional fees.


Free Windshield Chip Repairs: All clients who have had windshield replacements done by us are entitled to rock chip repair at no cost. This covers any rock chip on your windshield that is smaller than a business card. Call us and we will take care of it. This service is valid only within the Phoenix area, including Mesa, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Surprise, Glendale, Chandler, Tempe, and Peoria.


I’d like to avail of your automobile windshield replacement services, but will my car sustain any damage in the process? No. The windshield installer will make every effort to ensure that your car not be harmed during the installation process. We will return it to you just the way we received it except with a new high-quality windshield.


Why won’t my car windows go up or down? The problems can be either one of two things: the regulator or the motor. If the motor works fine then the regulator is probably broken. These are often sold in tandem which brings up the price. If you let us deal with the issue, we can fix it at a lower cost than the dealer.


Can I drive anyway if my windshield is broken? This is not recommended as law enforcers who will see your car may pull you over if they think that your windshield poses a safety threat. If so, you will be given a repair order, requiring you to have the issue fixed within five days. Failure to do so will result in a fine.


Is it possible for you to use dealer or factory windshield? Yes. We can get one for your car if you wish and the charge will reflect the dealer’s price.


How are automobile windshields created and what are they made of? To manufacture a car windshield, a vinyl sheet is sandwiched between 2 layers of glass which makes what is referred to as laminated piece of glass. The innermost layer is responsible for the windshield’s durability. If a small object hits your car, say a rock, only the exterior glass is likely to get broken.


Which windshields do you use in your business? We take the federal safety standards seriously and so we only carry brands that manufacture top quality auto parts that pass these standards. Our windshield replacements come from manufacturers such as Carlite, Guardian, LOF, PPG, and Mopar.  In case you would like a different brand for your car, we would be more than willing to help you in this respect.


How do I know who manufactured my automobile windshield? According to FMVSS, all windshields that are manufactured and sold in the United States must contain the manufacturing plant details on the windshield including a Department of Transportation (DOT) code. Typically, this DOT code is called a windshield “bug” and is located on the bottom of all car windshields. You can get this DOT code from your car windshield and enter into the glassBYTES/AGRR database to find out who manufactured your particular windshield.


Are car windshields all the same? Because there are very specific guidelines set by regulators regarding the thickness of the materials as well as their safety features, windshields have very little variations. The majority of manufacturers even get their materials from the same suppliers. So in reality, the only discernible difference between each one is the brand and the template from which it was cut.


The technicalities confuse me. What makes an OEM glass distinct from an Aftermarket glass? Should I care whether or not I’m getting a Dealer or Factory windshield? Well-known car companies usually outsource the production of their windshields to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). OEMs do high volume production of these glasses and stamp the brand of whichever car company made the order at the bottom corner. Then these car companies like GMC, Toyota, Chevrolet, Dodge, Nissan, Ford, and others use the OEM windshields in assembling their cars that you finally see being sold at dealerships. This means OEMs like Carlite, Guardian, LOF, PPG, and Mopar may have the primary template of these car makers and their windshields are therefore made to the same precise specifications, only with their own brand and logo instead of the big car companies’ or “dealers”. Everything is the same except the name stamp.


An aftermarket windshield, meanwhile, is made by following the precise specifications of the manufacturer without the benefit of the original or primary template. Instead, reverse engineering was used to create these exact duplicates. Every inch of the sample windshields need to be measured carefully to make successful replicas. Advanced technology makes this process highly reliable and the final products undergo rigorous testing by federal auto safety agents, so you can be assured that all the windshields being sold with the FMVSS logo provide adequate protection.