Working Out The Price When Selling Your Old Car

A lot of people don’t have a clue about how much they should ask for their old car if they are considering selling it. Of course, you are going to want to get as much for the car as you possibly can. The problem though with setting the price too high is that you will put potential customers off. If you set the price too low then you are setting yourself up for getting way too little. With most buyers wanting to haggle on the asking price, it is very unlikely that you will get this amount. It is therefore always a good idea to ask slightly more than the price you are willing to accept. The following suggestions should help you if you are hoping to determine a selling price for a used car.


  • Finding out the going rate for similar cars to yours is the first thing you need to do. You will have to find the average selling price as well as the top selling price. This information can be found both on and offline in the car classified ads. The condition of your car is something else you need to consider. Don’t expect to get anywhere near the top asking price if your car is in bad shape.


  • It is important to think about your priorities; are you going to want the highest price or do you want the car sold as quickly as possible. Don’t price your car much higher than the average price if you want to get rid of it quickly. However, if you don’t mind waiting then pricing it higher is possible.


  • It might be wise to have a higher price initially. If you can’t find a buyer at this price, then you can lower it until you do.


If you happen to be hunting for used cars, you’re generally better off trying to groundwork your cars beforehand. This analysis will allow you to get the best automobiles available for each type you look at. Once you’ve finished, you could very well find youself driving away from the dealers in a used car.

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