Auto Glass Replacement FAQ’s

Auto Glass Car InsuranceIt is always a problem to decide on who to call to file a Mesa auto glass replacement or repair insurance claim. Actually all that you need to do is make one call to an auto glass Mesa repair specialist so that we can help you file your glass claim, answer any of your questions, verify coverage, and schedule your convenient mobile appointment, and do all the necessary filing for your auto glass insurance claim.


What is a Mesa auto glass endorsement or glass waiver? By law ARS 20-264, Arizona is one of the few states that mandate insurance companies to offer a separate glass endorsement or glass waiver with any comprehensive insurance policy. Typically, a glass waiver or endorsement is offered at a low premium cost (regulated by the Arizona Department of Insurance) such as $5 to $15 extra a month. What this means is that you can have a comprehensive deductible of say $250 or $500 and have a glass endorsement with a deductible of $0. So, any glass replacement including windshields would cost you nothing. In addition, if you use Mesa Auto Glass we will pay you $50 dollars at the time of service. So really, having the added auto glass endorsement on your policy can pay for itself after just one windshield replacement with us.


What is auto glass replacement no fault insurance coverage? Arizona law ARS 20-263, states that Arizona insurance companies cannot raise your rates for any claims that you did not cause or were not your fault which include auto glass and windshield replacements.  Therefore, if your car glass got broken or vandalized and you were not at “fault” than your insurance company cannot raise your rates.


How do I know if I have comprehensive insurance coverage? Typically, individuals will carry comprehensive insurance coverage on their policy when their car is leased or they are still making payments to the bank for their automobile. Often individuals that own older cars and have already paid off their car loans will only carry liability insurance for a lower premium cost. Check your own auto insurance policy for more detailed coverage information.


I do not know whether I have auto glass coverage or a deductible; what then? That is not a problem. Just contact us, and we will aid you in reporting the claim and getting insurance coverage. You can always ask. If you end up having a deductible or you don’t have auto glass coverage on your policy, you will at least know. You can also check to see how much your insurance company charges for the glass endorsement each month for future reference. However, all calls are recorded therefore if you don’t have coverage and you want to add it for the future, you can’t just wait for it to take affect and have your windshield replaced for no charge. Your insurance company will make you pay for your current broken windshield and prove to them that you had it replaced then they will pay for any additional occurrences if you added the glass endorsement.  Mesa Auto Glass Replacement offers the best, free, no obligation, low-cost car windshield replacement prices in the industry.


What if I don’t have auto glass coverage and I have a broken windshield, can I just add it to my policy and wait a few months to have it replaced? Possibly but not ethical or legal.  Some insurance companies now require that you submit a picture of your windshield, come by one of their inspection offices, or they will send an inspector to your home or business before adding this additional coverage.


Do insurance companies cover the windshield chip repair costs? Most companies would rather waive the deductible and have the glass repaired rather than have it replaced since the cost is considerably less for a repair. Therefore, if you carry a comprehensive insurance policy regardless if you have a glass waiver or glass endorsement on your policy, most insurance companies will cover the full cost of the repair. So, if you have comprehensive coverage with a $500 deductible and your windshield is in repairable condition (up to 6 inches with insurance) than your insurance company will waive your deductible if the repair is successful. State Farm is the only insurance company (now) that requires you to have the glass waiver or endorsement on your policy for them to cover the cost of the windshield chip repair.


Another apprehension that most people have is whether rates get affected by making a claim for auto glass replacement. Law ARS 20-263 in the State of Arizona does ensure that rates are not raised if it is a “no fault claim” insurance auto glass replacement claim. So in case the claim arises from kicked up rocks, natural disasters, extreme temperatures, vandalism or flying objects, the insurance company cannot increase rates.


If you are not sure whether you have auto glass coverage or a deductible, you can still call us to help you obtain  coverage verification and and report the claim if necessary. A call can never be a waste of time and could possibly save you money. So even if you do not have coverage or you find out you have a deductible, there are no risks in asking your insurance company about your policies coverage. At the very least, you will know your car glass coverage for future mishap and check on coverage costs if you don’t carry it. In addition, Mesa Auto Glass Replacement provides the best prices in the industry for windshield replacements.


It is not difficult to file a insurance claim for auto glass repair or replacement. You can do so within about 10-15 minutes. Just call a Mesa auto glass repair specialist or start your auto glass replacement claim online and we will take care of the rest. We will answer all of your questions, put you in contact with you insurance companies claim administrator, stay on the line with you to guide you through the entire process, and schedule your free no hassle mobile appointment.


Replacement claims for auto glass also attract certain specials. Every automobile windshield replacement $0 deductible claim receives instant cash back of $50. If the policy you have is comprehensive and entitles you to full glass coverage as a majority of AZ policy holders will have, you can receive the cash of $50 whenever you get the service. So you will receive the cash at the same time  as the work is being completed. Yes, in many cases, we have same day appointments.


And this cash back offer is not charged to the company as some people may apprehend. All contract pricing for insurance is honored and thus there are never any added costs that you or your insurance company may have to pay for when the work is carried out by Mesa Auto Glass Replacement. We accept all insurance pricing and will never up-charge your insurance company for the $50 cash incentive. The $50 cash incentive, simply comes out of Mesa Auto Glass Replacements bottom line. Guaranteed.


It is sometime preferable to have automobile glass replaced with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or factory glass. Some insurance companies do cover this cost. However some companies do have a restriction that they will do so only if the automobile is one or two years old. However at Mesa Auto Glass Replacement an effort is made to get all OEM and Factory requests covered by your insurance carrier. Sometimes insurance companies will say they will only cover certain years but make exceptions on the policyholders’ longevity with there company.  At the very least, Mesa Auto Glass will give you all your options and discuss your next best options.


As per state law in Arizona (ARS 20-469) you can choose to get your windshield replaced or repaired with any shop of your choice. Even if a particular shop is recommended to you by your insurance agent, he/she is also required by law to inform you that you can instead choose any other shop for auto glass repair or replacement.


Most insurance companies or agents sometimes insist that you use their preferred company for automobile glass replacement. Even so by law you are free to choose your own facility for the auto glass repair or replacement work that needs to be done on your car. A ‘preferred’ company may in many cases be affiliated financially to the agent or company and they are the ones who will probably get the benefits like kickbacks, lunches, gift cards and discounts instead of this benefit coming to you. Mesa Auto Glass Replacement does not up-charge on insurance and honors all insurance pricing  and in addition does offer a warranty for a lifetime that is available nationwide. The charges for Mesa Auto Glass work are the same as all other preferred windshield repair shops, however you get the perks not your agent. This ensures that you are never at a loss.


You may sometimes need to check on your deductibles or make an inquiry regarding rates for auto glass replacement. This is not considered as a claim and does not in any way cause a raising of rates.


Liability coverage normally includes damage to other automobiles and this is the sort of coverage that some people do opt for. However, liability policy coverage will not cover the cost of auto glass replacement. Auto glass replacement coverage is only available with comprehensive automobile insurance coverage.  You can still contact Mesa Auto Glass Replacement and receive the most  competitive prices in the industry. Get your auto glass replacement quote today!  Payment is easily made in cash or through debit cards or credit cards of major companies, all of which are accepted at Mesa Windshield Replacement.


If you opt for a windshield chip repair instead of a full replacement and you carry a deductible it is quite likely that your insurance company will not require you to meet your deductible first. Most insurance companies will pay the entire cost of a windshield chip repair and waive the deductible. So if you have a deductible that is from fifty dollars to a thousand dollars and you carry a comprehensive policy, and need to get your car windshield repaired, it is likely that the insurance company will agree to foot the entire bill for the repair. However State Farm is an exception to this,  they will only agree to pay the cost of the windshield chip repair if you have a glass endorsement on your policy.


There are times when people opt for a policy that has a high deductible of $250 or more. Most auto glass repairs can cost you less than this amount.  In such a case it is better to pay for this replacement instead of making a claim on your insurance policy. Mesa Auto Glass Replacement would be happy to give you a car windshield replacement quote and you can pay through any major debit or credit card or cash if you so prefer.


As per the laws in Arizona (ARS 20-264) you have to be offered full auto glass coverage that does not call for any deductible on any automobile comprehensive insurance policy. In Arizona you can get separate coverage for glass that has no deductible and it is available for a very small premium. The cost to you may be as low as $5 to $15 monthly and this is a cost that is worth its while. Such sort of coverage is offered in a few other states besides Arizona.


Make sure that your comprehensive insurance coverage covers all forms of glass. The coverage offered by most insurance companies will normally include, mirrors, back glasses, quarter glasses, vent glasses, door glasses and windshields if the policy is of the comprehensive type.


Insurance companies cannot force the owner of a automobile to opt for a windshield chip repair instead of a replacement of a windshield. They however show the preference for repair because it requires less time for repairs, costs are lower and the original factory seal on the windshield is maintained intact. Most companies will suggest to you that the windshield is repaired in case the damage to it is of a dollar bill size or less.


Sometimes an insurance company will insist on inspection of the damage before you can get the windshield replaced. In case your car is chosen for such random inspection the company will send the insurance inspector or adjuster so that they can verify the damage to the windshield and its size and location. This verification will lead to the necessary authorization so that the shop can carry out the necessary repairs or replacement. This can result in any replacement of windshield glass to your automobile being delayed to a slight extent.


There is certain information that is needed to be given when you report an insurance claim. The company will seek verification of your identity, verify that you have the necessary coverage, ask for your claim information and then give the necessary authorization to the auto glass shop that you have chosen. See our auto glass program page for a full list of common questions that are asked by your insurance company when reporting an auto glass claim. Auto glass replacement claim reporting does not take a long time and quite often the entire process can take less than fifteen minutes.



If you think you have a deductible, you need to make sure that there is no confusion between glass coverage and the collision or comprehensive coverage on your insurance policy. Glass coverage is a separate endorsement on comprehensive insurance policies and are often missed or misread by agents and policyholders. Be sure to ask specifically about windshield coverage and the required deductible. Most agents add this coverage to your policy because it is such a  low premium cost and is needed in Arizona.