Windshield Safety Tips

Auto Glass Windshields MesaFour Valuable Tips For Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe.

*    Locate an insured, respected, and competent windshield replacement shop

*    Take the time to secure a windshield repair shop that makes use of fast-curing automotive grade urethane

*    Confirm the repair shop has knowledge of potential windshield contaminants

*    Discuss correct glass handling practices and pinchweld preparation


Auto Glass Windshields Trained Technicians

Securing a professional auto glass windshields service begins with locating a highly skilled auto glass repair shop.  One such establishment, Mesa Windshield Replacement, offers customers highly trained technicians to install and inspect auto glass windshields.  Furthermore, windshield installers explain post-installation care in detail upon completion.  This includes warranties, safe drive-away times, and glass care.  The better informed customers are, the less chance there is of accidental damage.  When customers follow the after-care instructions and fully understand the warranties, both the technician and customer are satisfied. Mesa Windshield Replacement is a member in good standing with the NGA, or National Glass Association.


Fast-Curing Automobile Windshields Urethane

A critical factor in installation of auto glass windshields is urethane quality.  Urethane is the substance, the binding agent, which adheres the auto glass windshields to the car’s pinchweld.  If the urethane fails to hold, the car windshield will loosen, quickly turning into a safety threat.  While there are many urethane’s on the market, Mesa Windshield Replacement prefers to use quality urethane’s that are respected and time-tested.  Federal safety standards are met and exceeded.  Furthermore, some automotive grade urethane’s are generally known to have lengthy drive-away times.  Mesa Windshield Replacement makes use of urethane’s that are quick drying, yet strong holding, in an effort to minimize driving wait times.  Time constraints in daily life are recognized; therefore, working quickly and efficiently are priorities.


Nitrile Gloves

Windshield replacement technicians wear powder-free nitrile gloves during all installation processes.  Nitrile gloves are industry specific and industry standard as they help reduce the risk of contaminants.  Potential contaminants, such as oil, can cause adhesive separation.  Technicians are mandated to don nitrile gloves and are trained in-depth about the critical nature of bond adhesion.  Customers have no need to worry about sloppy work; the safety of each auto glass windshields installation process is a priority.


Rust-Free Auto Glass Windshields Pinchweld

In addition to urethane quality, any and all rust detected on the vehicle is removed prior to installation.  Any scratches are also treated.  Scratches are treated because they can turn into rust at the place of adhesion on the pinchweld causing the urethane seal to break down.  This deterioration can cause the car windshield to fall out on impact, such as a traffic collision, creating a significant safety concern for all who ride in the vehicle.  Windshield repair technicians at Mesa Windshield Replacement are very knowledgeable about quality primers that are widely known to keep rust from forming on the pinchweld.