Best Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

Milgard replacement windowsWindows allow light to come into a home. They also reduce the feeling of claustrophobia that can come from being in enclosed spaces, by allowing the person inside to look at objects outside the home. At the same time windows and their glazing act as thermal holes. They allow cold to get into the home during winter months, and allow heat to get into it, in summer. It is estimated that thirty percent of energy used to ensure comfort in a home through HVAC systems can be lost through windows and their glazing.


Windows and Their Use in Homes

Windows normally constitute 15 percent of the floor area of a home, and being items that are expensive compared to other covering materials, need to be viewed with a great deal of thought and consideration before they are selected to be part of a home. Windows lose or gain heat through conduction between air inside and outside, through convection of air currents and through leakage of air from open or windows that have not closed properly. It needs the fixing of windows to be done with use the correct seals and fixtures that ensure them being air tight.  Some effort can be made for better climate control, by placing windows on walls of homes that are less exposed to the elements. This can be done by avoiding the direct rays of the sun and taking into consideration wind directions while designing the home. So, architects ensure that heat dominated climates have  windows that face south, and also use weather shades or other architectural devices to prevent sun directly falling on window glass.


Energy Efficient Windows Can Pay for Themselves

Double pane windows are effective in reducing thermal losses. Such windows have two panes of glass mounted on a single frame and which
have gases that have low conductance, sealed between the two panes. The thermal efficiency can be further increased by using glass that has a lower U value.  The best energy efficient windows help to save energy every month. Such windows are more expensive than the conventional windows, but can offset their initial high cost within a couple of years of their installation. When installed in new homes, such best energy efficient windows can lead to reduced costs of the requirement for capital expenditure of climate control systems. In the long run this also leads to lesser costs on maintenance and replacement and can prove to be very environmentally friendly. Such windows can lead to more comfortable homes, even in periods when HVAC systems are not in use. Glazing using metal oxide layers can further contribute to heat transfer control and lead to further savings in energy. The energy efficiency of a window depends on its various components, and this needs to be taken before selecting windows for a home. The type of window can also have a bearing on its thermal efficiency. Awning and casement type windows lead to less leakage than sliding windows. They are also better when it is needed to take advantage of natural ventilation.
Another major advantage of using double pane windows is that it greatly reduces the noise that can come through them and thus leads to far more comfortable living. This is especially helpful in homes that abut on to busy traffic areas.


Milgard Vinyl Windows & Doors

Best Energy Efficient WIndows It is often the case that homeowners have to choose between the best product for their own particular application and the one that is most affordable. When it comes time to select a line of vinyl windows & doors, however, our customers are afforded the luxury of being able to choose both at the same time. Milgard Windows and Doors has compiled an enviable reputation for superior construction, fabulous design, and astonishingly affordable prices.

One of the reasons why we choose to highlight their product line is that they have always proven to be a reputable company that offers great value and stands firmly behind its innovative products, no matter what. When offered the choice between many different brands of vinyl windows & doors, our customers frequently express their preference for the obvious quality shown in all Milgard products. There is a reason why Milgard has been chosen “Best in the Nation” 8 times by Builder magazine.

We offer a Milgard vinyl window and door for every taste and price range. Every one of their products features the use of high-end resins and the sturdiest welded frame construction as opposed to some other manufacturers who still rely on flimsy glued-together vinyl panels.

Traditional styling is the main feature of the Milgard Tuscany Series. These windows and doors are particularly suited as replacements for worn out windows in older homes.  The Montecito Series simply oozes a feeling of solid security. With their beefier profiles, the Montecito line is exceptionally well-suited for applications where the window frames comprise much of the load bearing structure of the wall and thus provide stunning landscape views without the need for bulky framing.

Among Milgard’s most popular new offerings are the sound-reducing windows and doors of the Quiet Line series. Quite naturally, a window that offers superior reduction of ambient noise also provides industry-leading performance in energy efficiency as well.

No matter what your door and window needs may be, Milgard is the one place to look for quality, style, and affordability.


Aluminum Windows & Doors by MilgardAluminum Doors & Windows

Many homeowners understand the importance of choosing the right windows and doors for their home; however, with so many choices the decision can quickly become overwhelming. Fortunately, we offer the best Milgard aluminum windows & doors, as well as professional installation in order to ensure exceptional quality and energy efficiency.

Our customers can choose from a line of Milgard standard aluminum windows or the thermally improved aluminum windows, depending on their needs. Both options are available in a variety of styles and offer the quality and precision found in premium windows. Single hung and sliding standard aluminum windows include Milgard Positive Action Locks. This technology ensures that when you close your windows, they are locked. There is no need to wonder if you remembered to lock your windows.

If you choose the thermally improved aluminum windows by Milgard, these windows come with the benefit of a light commercial rating. The rating makes this option ideal for both residential as well as light commercial use, such as in schools, restaurants and many other types of businesses. These windows come with a higher thermal rating giving them an even better energy efficiency rating than our standard aluminum windows. Of course, as with the standard Milgard aluminum windows, the thermally improved windows are available in a variety of styles and designs. Additionally, all windows are custom made for your home or business in order to ensure that you have the best fit possible.

In addition to providing exceptional quality aluminum windows, we also offer Miligard aluminum doors. These high quality doors are available in standard or thermally improved designs to meet a wide variety of applications. Aluminum doors are strong and long-lasting, making them an excellent value, but they also offer an aesthetically pleasing option for all types of doors, especially patio doors. With sleek lines and minimal intrusion from the frame, you can maximize visibility. Milgard aluminum windows & doors are an excellent option for today’s residential and commercial properties.


Milgard Fiberglass Windows & DoorsFiberglass doors & windows

Fiberglass Windows & Doors may not be something you have ever thought about having installed. Most people assume the best window frames and doors are wood. However, wood weathers and rots over time. What’s more when wood begins to wear, you may end up with a draft, which will increase your energy bill.

Fiberglass windows can look just like wood with the addition of a veneer outer layer. However, it will not show the weathering that wood will over time. What’s more, it provides more insulation than wood, which means you’ll pay less in your utility bill. In addition, while wood will begin to show wear, fiberglass will continue to look great much longer.

Milgard fiberglass doors and windows are built on quality and reliability. The fiberglass the company uses resists, water, heat, cold, the sun’s rays, and even repels insects. The frames never crack or warp as can happen with wood.

Fiberglass windows and doors are more expensive than aluminum and vinyl, but in the long run over the course of the life span of the material, fiberglass is truly the best value. Fiberglass tends to hold its value longer and it looks great without having to provide maintenance after it is installed.

If you have more complex French doors, Milgard has developed fiberglass doors in both the sliding style and French door. These are weatherproof making it perfect to add for the entrance to a patio or pool area.

Lastly, both fiberglass doors and windows come in many different colors, which can immediately add an updated look to your home. Fiberglass frames ad doors are also able to be painted. So if you plan to change the color, it is easy to do no matter what color you initially choose. Make sure any paint you use is of high quality and can resist the weather effects where you live.