Nationwide Lifetime Windshield Warranty

Mesa car windshield repair

Car Windshield Repair Warranty

Mesa Windshield Replacements main goal is to provide the ultimate customer service, safety, value, and quality installation.  Any issues with any car windshield products or installations will be corrected through a convenient appointment.  All workmanship is guaranteed for life on all Mesa car windshield replacements.

Our Mesa Car Windshield Replacement & Repair Specialist will assure a lifetime warranty concerning:


  • Defects By The Manufacturer —  If a distortion or blemish in the car windshield cannot be fixed, it will be replaced at no cost.
  • Workmanship — If we damage any parts, they will be fixed or replaced free.
  • Air Or Water Leaks — No water will penetrate through the car windshield seal during rain or a car wash or it will be replaced or fixed until corrected.
  • Loose Parts And Molding — If the molding around the car windshield which includes the black rubber piece around the outside comes loose, we will fix the problem by coming to you.
  • Mirrors That Are Detached — if the rear view mirror becomes unfastened or even totally detaches, we will come to you and the problem will be eliminated free of charge.


Mesa Car Windshield Chip Repair Warranty:

With each new car windshield replacement, Mesa Windshield Replacement offers free lifetime mobile windshield rock chip repairs.  When the car windshield is struck by an item after the installation, and the damage is less than the size of a credit card, the windshield chip repair is free.  If it happens one time or one million times, we provide free chip repairs for the windshield’s entire lifetime.


Car Windshield Chip Repair Guarantee:

We give a lifetime guarantee that a fixed windshield will not extend beyond the point of repair.  If the repair is not effective, we will happily apply the cost of the repair towards a total windshield replacement.  If this repair does not leave you satisfied, we will gladly credit the price of the repair to a totally new windshield.  The insurance company will receive the credit if they paid for the repair.


Mesa car windshield replacement can be a hassle free task when dealing with the right company.  Look into all windshield repair shop warranties before doing business.