Nissan Frontier Hard Truck Covers: Its Pros and cons

To numerous Nissan Frontier pickup truck owners, the Nissan Frontier truck bed cover is definitely becoming their favorite truck item. It is because they prefer the hard tonneau cover for their vehicle because of the climate safety it offers along with the security it provides for their cargo and also the truck bed. When it comes to appearance, many of them choose the fiberglass tonneau over.

This particular truck bed cover will certainly provide a elegant look on your pickup truck particularly when it is painted to complement the truck’s color. With its locking handles, the cover will certainly supply total protection for the cargo particularly from possible thieves. Regarding weather protection, the particular tonneau or bed cover also works well in keeping the cargo protected from bad weather. The cover retains away hail, rain, as well as snow off your valuable cargo therefore stopping damage and maintaining it dried out.

Nevertheless, these fiberglass truck bed tonneau covers also have their drawbacks. They aren’t advisable for purchase when you frequently haul cargoes which are higher than the sides of the truck. If you’re in a rush, removing them cannot be completed in a quick manner. Just like the body of your truck, they are able to scratch easily. As compared to the soft roll-up tonneaus, these are much too costly.

The hinged kind hard truck bed covers, like the Nissan Frontier bed covers; are constructed out of plastic and are less expensive compared to their fiberglass alternatives. Because these are lighter in weight, they are very easy to eliminate with quick release pins making removal simpler. These covers are also much less vulnerable to scratches.

For the disadvantages of the hinged plastic truck bed covers; even though it may be painted, the finish is not as great as that of the fiberglass covers and they are not also as durable and tough as the fiberglass.

The actual folding type truck bed tonneau covers are another type of hard cover built mostly of aluminum that is why they are considered durable. Although these covers don’t latch, use of the cargo area is actually fast and easy. You will find versions that are equipped with latches located beneath the bed covers. This requires starting of the tailgate in order that the covers will be unlatched. With an extra tailgate lock bought being an aftermarket accessory, these covers are extremely secure. Cargo higher than the truck sides could be stored safely and these covers are less costly than the fiberglass.

The disadvantages of the folding hard covers are that there’s a need to purchase additional add-ons like the tailgate lock to make them safer, plus they are not as waterproof as the hinged type.

The good news is that regardless of what truck cover you desire to buy, make sure that this works with your needs and suitably fitted for the model of pickup that you own.

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