Specifications of Volvo XC60

Sitting at just 5 for each cent of the complete revenue in the Luxury SUV section, the XC60 is 1 of the segment’s very best-held techniques. That is a shame since it is a fantastic automobile that deserves more interest than it currently receives.

So with a horde of suppliers releasing cost-effective, fuel productive front-wheel generate SUVs, before this 12 months it was Volvo’s flip to introduce us to its XC60 T5 & consider to capture some of the entry-stage buyers.

Making use of the identical drivetrain as the V60 T5 we tested final week, the XC60 T5 functions a 177kW two.-litre turb0charged four-cylinder petrol matched to a 6-pace dual-clutch transmission, which powers the entrance wheels only.

Although it may possibly seem to be odd to have a 4-wheel push which is actually only a entrance-wheel drive, you’d have to say that almost all of these sorts of autos remain on the blacktop – the exception is really uncommon certainly. The Volvo XC60 specs will make everyone fal in love with the car. The attributes that purchasers want are room, a greater seating placement, and – let us be brutally honest here – the prestige issue.

A 2WD SUV suits that invoice properly, and with significantly less relocating areas to just take care of, servicing is less difficult and fuel consumption is down on the AWD ~equal, not getting the drain of further pushed wheels to take care of. In the situation of the XC60 T5, fuel use is detailed at eight.7 litres/100km – curiously, specifically the identical figure as the V60 T5.

Examine the weight of the two – the V60 is 1580kg & the XC60 is 1740kg. The 160kg heavier XC60 also requires an further .four seconds to get to 100km/h, which signifies that attaining the identical fuel usage is no mean feat.

For the duration of the week of our working all around, we observed consistent minimal 10s in the typical fuel usage, nonetheless, offered the option to stretch its legs, we’ve no question the ADR figure would be achievable.

The motor has to operate more challenging in the XC60 & it reveals, with turbo lag more noticable than in the V60 T5 as it winds up to get into its stride. Whilst heading, the engine is outstanding, smooth to rev & with adequate grunt for every day use. The Powershift dual-clutch transmission also functions versus the additional bodyweight with a a bit shunty experience as it engages absent from lights, but on the roll is sufficiently clean & like the V60 has fast, decisive modifications.

Volvo does have its historical past in basic safety too, and with Town Basic safety, which possibly reduces the severity of, or removes rear-conclude collisions entirely, the XC60 is surely the very best solution for those who want to hold their family well secured.

As a practical loved ones automobile with an edge of indulgence, the XC60 is properly worth a look. It’s straightforward to get in and out of, has ample space and has an inside that will impress. Now that it arrives in T5 guise, it is cost-effective, making it available to a whole new realm of buyers.

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