What You Should And Shouldn’t Do When Buying From A Used Car Dealer

In order to get a good deal from a used car dealer you will have to be on top of your game when dealing with one. These people are trained to have the upper hand in negotiations and their aim will always be to get the most they can out of you. However below are a few tips which should help you to ensure that you walk away from these negotiations in a better position than before.


What you Should and Shouldn’t Do when Dealing with Used Car Dealers

– Do make sure that you don’t allow the dealer to be in charge of the conversation by making sure you ask plenty of questions. Don’t allow the dealer to try and change the subject when you ask a question. Be sure that you get a proper answer to all of your questions and that you are happy with the answers you have been given.


– Do make a point of bargaining very hard and don’t feel guilty at all about this. Keep pushing for the best possible deal on price and don’t stop until you feel certain the dealer won’t budge any further. If you are happy with the price then you can start negotiating for extras. But this is something that should only be done when you are satisfied with the price.


– Do have a look at more than one car dealer for the best price. You are hardly likely to get the best deal if you pick the first car that you see.


The Don’ts of Dealing with a Used Car Dealer

– Don’t let them see that you are keen on a car or they will use it to their advantage. Always make the dealer think that you could take or leave the car right up until you actually agree to buy it.

– Don’t be fooled by how friendly the dealer is to you. Don’t forget that he will be trying to get the most money out of you while you should be trying to get the car for the least amount possible.


Any time you happen to be seeking used cars, you are usually better off trying to groundwork your automobiles in advance. This research will allow you to get the best vehicles available for each category you look at. If you are looking for the very best, why not have a look at cars for sale Norfolk.

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